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A Birthday Treat For An Italian Hunk

Olivia VIP Escort

No trip to London is complete without a night with a gorgeous escort. Just ask my latest client Marco!

Booking an escort for an evening of fun is a great way to treat yourself – and what better time to treat yourself than your birthday? As one of the best escorts in Mayfair, I’m regularly asked to be a part of my clients’ birthday celebrations. Sometimes I’m accompanying them to party the night away in one of Mayfair’s best nightclubs, and other nights are a bit more sedate. My latest client, a gentleman called Marco, was celebrating his birthday with a trip to London. Who better to call than one of the most experienced escorts in town?

Marco was a successful businessman, and was about to celebrate his fiftieth birthday. He’d never hired an escort before, but it was something that he had wanted to try since he was a young man. So when finally visited London after years of wanting to come, he thought it was high time to tick something else off of his bucket list. After all, he’d worked hard for years establishing his business at home in Italy, so why not treat himself with a well-earned holiday and a night with a beautiful woman?

We were going to meet at Marco’s hotel, one of the best in Mayfair, before heading out to dinner. London is one of the culinary capitals of the world, and the booking team at Elite had secured us a table at one of the best Michelin star restaurants in town. That’s why it’s always best to book with one of the top agencies in town guys! Anyway, before I headed off to meet Marco I spent some time carefully choosing an outfit. I had a feeling he’d appreciate a bit of timeless elegance, so stockings and suspenders under my dress it was!

Marco was tall, dark, and handsome – your typical Italian gentleman. He greeted me by kissing me on the hand when we met in the hotel lobby, and my knees went weak! We hopped into a chauffeur driven car and headed to the restaurant. We enjoyed a bottle of champagne with our meal to celebrate Marco’s birthday in style, and the waiter told us what a handsome couple we made. You could tell that that remark made Marco’s night, and he told me how beautiful I looked as we left.

When we made it back to his luxurious hotel room, we were more than ready to get to know each other a little more intimately. Marco helped me to unzip my dress, and made an extremely appreciative sound as he saw my sexy underwear and suspenders. So my instinct was correct. He ran a hand over my bra, squeezing my breasts gently. I reached around to undo it, and you should have seen his face when I let it fall to the floor.

Just as I’d expected from a sexy Italian stallion, Marco had some pretty impressive skills in the bedroom. Our night together was all about fulfilling some of Marco’s longest held fantasies. Remember that bucket list? Well, there were quite a few risqué things to tick off! Luckily, my extensive experience meant that he ended his time in London feeling very satisfied. We may have even managed to squeeze in another night of fun before he left!