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A Cheeky Trip To The Country

country girlA weekend away with one of my favourite clients? There’s nothing I enjoy more!

As one of the most in-demand Chelsea escorts, I’ve had my fair share of hot dates in the capital. However, sometimes I get to travel a little further afield when one of my clients decides to put the agency’s fantastic VIP services to good use and whisk me away for a holiday. I’ve been all over the world with my clients – from exclusive tropical resorts to stylish city hotels. This time, I was set to join one of my favourite guys for a weekend in the country. With the weather looking brighter, there was no better time to head out of town and relax.

The guy I was going to be spending the weekend with was Jacob, a client who I’ve shared many fantastic dates with. This actually wasn’t going to be the first overnight stay we’d enjoyed together, but our last encounter was a night in a London hotel – this was three nights at an exclusive countryside retreat. I felt totally comfortable about it though, thanks to the great rapport I already shared with Jacob.

Packing for a weekend away is tough enough, but imagine how I felt! I have so many sets of sexy underwear and I wanted to pick some that would really wow Jacob during our trip. There was only one thing for it – I’d have to buy some new ones! Slipping these sexy new purchases into my luggage, along with some toys and other things that we could make use of in the bedroom, I knew that we’d be in for a fun few days.

The first day was spent in our room – which in my eyes is the perfect way to spend the first day of a holiday. You’re tired from travelling, you’ve not got any plans, so why not just relax? I treated Jacob to one of my famous massages, and we even had a go with some of the goodies that I had bought with me. Jacob is a pretty experimental guy, and is always encouraging me to try new things in the bedroom with him. This time, it was a blindfold and a tickler that I put to good use!

The next two days were a blur of delicious food, drinks and of course, great company. We were lucky enough to be staying close to a Michelin starred restaurant, which thanks to Elite VIP Models, we were able to secure a table at. Dressed to the nines and accompanying a gorgeous man, I felt like a million dollars! Of course, the real fun came when we skipped dessert to head straight back to our super king-size bed!

The great thing about spending several days with a client is that you really get to strengthen the bond that you share. I liked Jacob a lot before this trip, but by the end of it I just felt so comfortable and confident in his company – which of course led to fireworks in the bedroom! So if you are planning a trip and don’t want to travel alone, give the leading escort agency in Chelsea a call!