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A Model Out On The Town In Mayfair

Evelyn VIP Escort LondonMy model good looks mean that I’m the perfect date for gentlemen who want to make the right impression.

Along with many of the other gorgeous escorts in Mayfair, I’ve enjoyed a successful modelling career. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to a man to be able to tell his friends and colleagues that he’s been on a date with a genuine catwalk star. It simply does wonders for his ego! So when I received a booking from a longstanding client to accompany him to an exclusive event, I knew that I would be attending as his model girlfriend. It’s certainly not a stretch for me to slip into that role, and the client in question was a gentleman I’d grown to know very well over the years.

Marcus, one of my most longstanding clients, loved to attend events with a model on his arm. I’d been to a few with him before – including an incredibly fancy evening at a West End theatre where I rubbed shoulders with plenty of stars. This event was set to be a little less glamorous but no less important for him. A gala was being thrown to celebrate an important company milestone, and as one of the directors, all eyes would be on Marcus that evening. Which meant that he needed a date who was comfortable in front of the camera!

I knew that for this evening, I needed to pull out all the stops. So I booked myself into the salon for a little pampering, and then treated myself to some new underwear. No one but Marcus and I would know that I was wearing it – but some things have to be just between the two of you! Over that I slipped on a slinky evening gown. The gala was being held at one of the best hotels in Mayfair, and by then I was more than dressed for the part. So off I went!

Marcus and I met up at his room so we could arrive together. Before we headed downstairs, he pulled me into a deep kiss. “More of that later,” he promised me with a cheeky smile. After that, it was non-stop fun! The drinks were flowing, the dancefloor was packed, and I even got to cheer Marcus on while he made a speech! To anyone looking on, I appeared to be his devoted model girlfriend who just couldn’t bear to miss her man’s special night. Well, for that evening that was exactly what I was.

After a few hours of partying, Marcus and I headed back up to his room, bottles of champagne in hand. We were planning to carry on celebrating in a much more private setting. Shutting the door behind us, Marcus instructed me to lie down on the bed. “You’ve been the apple of everyone’s eye tonight,” he said as he begun to undress. “It’s time I had you all to myself.” I knew from out previous encounters that Marcus was a very skilled lover, so I was more than ready to let him lavish me with attention. It wasn’t until many hours later we even made a start on the champagne!