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A Night At The Theatre

High Class EscortWhen one of my favourite clients splashed out on a box at the theatre, I knew I was in for a great night.

As one of the most in demand Mayfair escorts, I’m used to nights out in London’s West End. So when I received a call saying that a favourite client of mine needed a date to accompany him to the theatre, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough! Like all my other fellow escorts in Mayfair, I love to get out there and experience as much of the city’s culture as possible. I hadn’t seen this client, David, in some time either, so as well as see a great show I’d be able to catch up with one of my favourite men.

We were going to be attending the opening night of one of the hottest new plays in town, so I knew that I was going to be in some seriously glamorous company. Not wanting to be outdone, I decided to really dress to impress. I’d recently treated myself to a skimpy black and red underwear set, as well as matching lacy stockings. Well, what better occasion could there be to give them a first outing than my trip to the theatre? I slipped the stockings up my legs slowly, relishing the feeling of silk on my bare skin. I chose a sexy, yet smart, dress that clung to my figure to go over it.

David and I arranged to meet outside the theatre, and when I was dropped off by my driver he was there waiting for me. “Hello you,” he said warmly, kissing me on both cheeks. “I’ve got a real treat for us tonight.” Leading me into the theatre with a hand on the small of my back, he guided me to our seats for the evening. Well, not seats – rather, a box! “Only the best for my favourite girl,” he said. He kissed me deeply, and then, the curtain rose for the performance.

I was riveted, and so was David. During the second half of the show though, his hand began to wander up underneath my dress. I knew that we couldn’t be caught in our box, but a shiver still ran through me. Alex toyed with the lace garter of my stockings as the performance drew to a close, and I was glad that we weren’t sitting with everyone else – I was quite flustered! After the show ended, we headed back to his hotel straight away.

Alex could barely keep his hands off me during the journey to his hotel, and by the time the door to his room was shut behind us, my dress was already half undone. David kept whispering in my ear about how I drove him crazy at the theatre, so much so that he could barely remember the show. He lay back on the bed, and I straddled him and leaned in close. “I’ll put on an even better performance for you tonight,” I whispered to him. His answering smile told me all that I needed to know, and I guided his hands back to my stockings, giving him permission to really get the night started.