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A Night of Naughty Role Play

Clara VIP EscortExperimenting in the bedroom is always fun, especially in the company of a gorgeous Chelsea escort!

Introducing a client to role play is one of the things I enjoy most about my job. Myself and the other top Chelsea escorts love to help clients explore their sexuality and spicing up an appointment with some role play is a great way of doing that. A couple of days ago, I met up with a client who I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately. He wanted to try something new, and tentatively asked if I had any experience with role play. Well, you can imagine how excitedly I reacted to that!

It’s important to say that there are so many different types of role play, and that I work closely with each client to dream up the perfect sexy scenario. The client I referred to, Rob, had hired me for a few dates previously and wanted to explore this side of things. Now, role play can take so many different turns, and I knew that I’d have to be prepared. So I packed a bag full of toys and costumes, and planned to let him take his pick.

I would be meeting Rob at his Chelsea hotel, so I would need to arrive discreetly. So I slipped on a dress that showed off my figure but that was still demure enough to not attract too much attention. I always do this when meeting clients in a public space, and it allows them to enjoy our time together with no worries about being caught out. Of course, under my dress I was wearing some seriously sexy underwear – a black lace bra and thong. That was going to be for Rob’s eyes only.

When I arrived at Rob’s hotel room, I could tell that he was nervous. So I put him at ease straight away by spoiling him with a slow, sensual massage. After that, he was more than ready to talk about what kind of role play he’d like to indulge in. After taking a look through my goody bag as we called it, he picked out some handcuffs and my naughty nurse’s uniform. I was to play the part of a strict nurse and him a very naughty patient.

I made sure that we had a safe word in place before we began, as I know how easy it can be to get caught up a role playing scenario. Once we’d got everything established, we were ready to begin! Now, I never reveal exactly what myself and my clients get up to on our dates – that would be a deep betrayal of their trust. But I will let you know that Rob thoroughly enjoyed himself, and even had a go in a more dominant role later on in the evening.

Role play is a great way to spice up your life, and there is no better person to guide you through the experience than an escort. With our years of pleasing men all over the capital and our highly adventurous natures, there’s not much that we haven’t tried or aren’t willing to. So why not get in touch and book me or one of the other hot Chelsea babes today?