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A Wild Weekend With The Chelsea Set

When a posh playboy needed a girl to accompany him to an extravagant birthday bash, I was on hand to help.

Myself and my fellow Chelsea escorts are used to rubbing shoulders with the great and good of London high society. After all, we are based in one of the most affluent, exclusive neighbourhoods in the capital. It never stops being thrilling spending evenings with the super-rich and members of the aristocracy though. Whether we’re hitting the hottest clubs in town or dining at Michelin star restaurants, mingling with the Chelsea set is so much fun. So when I was asked to accompany a very well-heeled man to a birthday party weekend at countryside retreat, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough!

To protect their reputations, I never reveal the true names of my clients to anyone. So let’s call our decidedly posh client Archie. Archie was the son of two members of the British aristocracy, and was always pictured at the best Chelsea nightclubs with his well-to-do friends. Archie was somewhat of a ladies man, but was tired of navigating the London dating scene. So on the advice of one of his pals, he got in touch with us.

Archie and I travelled to the venue just outside of London together, in a chauffeur driven car Archie had arranged through the agency’s VIP service. During our journey we really go to know each other. Archie was confident and flirty, despite having never hired an escort before. We agreed that we’d say we met at his local tennis club, and I assured him that I would never tell anyone the true nature of our appointment. Archie smiled and patted my leg – his hand lingering on my inner thigh.

The party was just getting into full swing when we arrived, and I could barely believe my eyes. I was really partying with the VIP set tonight – there were countless faces I could recognise. I kept my excitement under control though. After all, I was one of their own tonight! Dressed in my slinky evening gown and with my long blonde hair tumbling down my back, I fitted right in.

To say that Archie and his friends knew how to party would be an understatement! We danced until the early hours, sipping on the best champagne and just really letting our hair down. Once the partying did start to wind down though, I was more than ready to retire to our suite for the night. Archie had splashed out for this weekend, and I was determined to make it as memorable as possible.

Archie’s reputation as somewhat of a Don Juan was certainly no exaggeration, as he was able to show me a thing or two in the bedroom. With my knowledge and skills of seduction, that’s no mean feat! We shared a truly explosive evening (well, morning at this point!) together, putting every room in the luxurious suite to good use. We even enjoyed a long, sensual soak in the huge bath. It’s a miracle we made it down to breakfast!

The best thing about my weekend with Archie is that I’d been so discreet, none of his friends suspected a thing. That, I was told, would mean that I could expect to be invited along for many more naughty nights out with London’s elite. I couldn’t wait!