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An American Gentleman In London

patsy exclusive escortSeeing the sights of London from a luxury limo was the perfect way to spend an evening with a new client from the USA.

Being part of an exclusive group of Kensington girls means that I’m in demand with all kinds of men. Some are local businessmen wanting to unwind at the end of a long day at the office, and some are London lads looking to celebrate a special occasion in style. Sometimes though, I get calls from clients who don’t know the city at all. My latest date, a charming young American man called Lewis, wanted an escort to spend the night with him while he explored the capital VIP style. Well, what’s a girl to say to that? I couldn’t wait to show him what makes this city so special.

Lewis was staying at one of the best hotels in Kensington, and this was a trip that he was really splashing out on. So what better way for him to see the city than by hiring a chauffeur through our VIP service? We set off in a plush limousine, and sipped on the complimentary champagne. Lewis told me all about his job back in the States, where he had founded his own tech company. He was in the mood for play and not work though, so our conversation soon turned to, shall we say, more risqué topics.

London is truly beautiful of an evening, and seeing the sights from the comfort of a luxurious limousine was something that both of us were really enjoying. I’d chosen a sexy red dress for the occasion, and I couldn’t help but notice that I was drawing as much attention as the sights. I didn’t mind though – Lewis was handsome and great conversation, and I could feel a deep chemistry building between us.

As we drove past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Lewis signalled that he’d like to travel back to his hotel. I’d been booked for an overnight stay, and it was still pretty early. So you can imagine my anticipation at what the night would have in store for me! The atmosphere between us was becoming more and more charged with each moment, and I knew that once we were behind the doors of his hotel room, Lewis and I wouldn’t be able to keep our hands off each other for long.

Once we were back at Lewis’s hotel room, I slipped out of my little red dress and let him take a long look at my curvy figure. I’m pretty proud of my body, and just love it when men compliment me – and that Lewis did! “Beautiful,” he whispered my ear, as he caressed my body, his hand coming to rest on the fastening of my bra. “I want to see more of you.” So I let him undress me, and we made our way to the king size bed. Being a high class escort with a flawless reputation, I never kiss and tell, so you’ll have to use your imagination for what happened next. What I can say though, is that Lewis was just as taken with me as he was the famous sights of the capital!