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An Awesome Chelsea Date

Alandra The Brunette VIP EscortMarking a special occasion with a client soon turned into one of the most fun dates I’ve had in Chelsea.

Being one of the top Chelsea escorts means that I’m in high demand! Most evenings you’ll find me with a high flying businessman or a local gentleman who wants to impress everyone with a gorgeous girl on his arm. Chelsea is one of London’s glitziest areas, and my clients come to me because they know that I’m always dressed to impress and ready to party – a proper West London girl! So, when a young man called the agency and said that he wanted a girl to accompany him to some of the area’s top bars and clubs before spending the evening at his hotel, they knew who to recommend!

My date for the evening was Alex, who was celebrating landing a new job in the capital with a raucous night out in Chelsea. Now, I’ve been on my fair share of dates with party boys, and they’re always fun. As this was the first time we were meeting, I wanted to impress Alex. We were going to meet at one of Chelsea’s most popular bars, Barts, to enjoy a few cocktails and get to know each other. Now, us Chelsea girls love to dress up, and this was the perfect opportunity to slip into a new little black dress that clung to my figure and accentuated my cleavage.

When I met Alex, I was impressed. Tall, blonde and handsome, he was clearly a little nervous but was every bit the gentleman. He held the door open for me, asked me about my day and always made sure my drink was topped up. As the evening went on, he loosened up and got a little more flirty with me. I found him very attractive, so I was sure to let him know that I was enjoying myself just as much as he was.

It’s guaranteed to be an awesome night if you hit a few Chelsea nightclubs, and that’s what we did! JuJu was first on our list, and we partied with models and Premier League footballers (not naming any names of course – I never kiss and tell!). After that, we danced until the early hours at Embargo República. This is one of my favourite London clubs, and I even saw two other Elite escorts there! Alex said that next time, he’d have to book a few of us for the evening and bring along some of his friends. The more the merrier, I said.

When we finally made it back to Alex’s hotel, we were still in the mood to carry on the fun. So we cracked open some champagne, toasted to his new job, and then focused on really getting to know each other. Alex’s earlier nerves certainly didn’t reflect a lack of experience, let me tell you that! I decided that as a treat to round off such a great evening, I’d perform a sexy striptease for him. As I slowly removed my dress to reveal the lacy underwear underneath, I told Alex that I was going to make this an evening that he’d never, ever forget.