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Another Night With My Kensington Crush

Patsy Kensington escortWhen one of my regular clients invited me to spend an evening with him, I already knew a great night lay ahead.

As one of Elite’s most successful Kensington escorts, I’m used to spending my evenings with a wide variety of men. Sometimes they’re wealthy businessmen who are only in town for a few days, other times they’re local gentleman who need a plus one for an exclusive event. Every date is different, and I really do love that. Sometimes though, there’s something to be said for familiarity. So when one of my favourite regular clients said that he wanted me to spend an evening with him, I jumped at the chance. He’s one of the hottest men I get to date, and a night with him always ends in fireworks.

My Kensington crush is Joel, a hunky city trader in his forties who likes to unwind in the company of an escort every so often. We first met about a year ago, and since then he always invites me to share an evening with him. We usually get things started at a fancy restaurant, and for this date he’d chosen Kensington Place. I wanted to impress him, so I treated myself to a new red dress for the occasion. Teamed with some cheeky matching underwear, it made my figure look sensational. I knew that Joel would be blown away.

When I met Joel outside the restaurant, my hard work paid off right away. He just couldn’t take his eyes off of my cleavage, and as he helped me out of my coat, I could feel his eyes raking all over me. This was exactly the reaction I’d been hoping for – and Joel didn’t look too bad himself! Dressed, as always, in an expensive suit and tie, he was the epitome of a smart Kensington gentleman. I felt like the luckiest girl in London!

Dinner was delicious, but by the time the waitress came over to take away our plates, I could tell that Joel wanted to head to a more private setting to continue our date. I felt the same, and my pulse quickened every time he looked at me. Let’s just say, we didn’t stay for dessert…

Back at Joel’s Kensington apartment at last, he led me straight up to his bedroom. As a busy city trader with lots of responsibility, he uses our dates as a chance to totally de-stress and focus on his own needs. I like to get things started with a sensuous massage, so I told him to lay back on the bed and strip. I can be very persuasive when I want to be, let me tell you!

I stripped down to my underwear to give Joel his massage, and before too long, he was showering me with caresses too. He’s always been a considerate and passionate lover, which is why he’s always been my number one Kensington crush. As he reached around to unclip my bra, I thought that we had many hours of fun ahead of us. I would bet any money that somewhere in the back of his mind, Joel was already planning our next date – and I’ll be more than happy when that phone rings again!