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Bagging The Banker

Lindsay the Sexy BlondeWhat Makes Them Such Good Dates

Bankers have money and a huge appetite for fun – something that makes them the best hook-ups in London.

Working as an escort means that I get to meet all kinds of men. From students to tourists, I love to spend time with guys from all walks of life. If you asked me if I had a favourite though, I’d have to say a banker. Yes, I’ve had some of the best dates of my career with London’s money men. Why? Well, there are quite a few reasons!

They Pull Out All The Stops

It goes without saying that having a lucrative job with one of the capital’s banking firms comes with an impressive salary. That’s part of the banker’s appeal to me; they’ve got the cash to really go all out on a date. Think champagne, caviar and five star hotels and you’re pretty much there!  One of my favourite clients, Jamie, works for one of the world’s biggest banks, and he has the lifestyle to go with it. Okay, it’s not quite as crazy as The Wolf of Wall Street, but it comes pretty close! I’ve been to parties where he’s hired out entire bars and floors of hotels, and he’s on the guest list at pretty much every London nightclub.

The reason I love spending time with James most of all though, is that he’s always up for some fun, and books me and other high-class London escorts pretty regularly! In fact, the majority of my returning customers are bankers. After all, they’ve got the cash for it!

They Know How To Treat a Girl

Bankers have a little bit of a bad reputation in my opinion. They’re painted as brash and self-obsessed, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they’re confident; but you would be too if you had to deliver in a high-pressure job every day! They really do treat their dates well though. Often, as they’re so busy, they don’t have time for regular girlfriends – so they treat their escorts with the utmost respect and generosity, often leaving huge tips.

They’re Great Gift Givers

I’ve also been bought some incredible gifts by my banker clients. Underwear, perfume, designer handbags, even diamond jewellery! They really do make you feel appreciated. After all, you’re helping them to forget all about their job and to just relax. An appointment with an escort is their way of escaping their day to day worries – and the gifts they shower you with show you just how much your services mean to them.

How to Snatch One Up

My advice to a lady trying to find a banker for herself? Hang around at some of the city’s most exclusive bars, and keep an eye out for the guys who are dressed impeccably and ordering plenty of expensive drinks. Chances are, they’re the men you’re looking for. Always be dressed to impress – after all, a guy who works with money likes to know that he’s getting a good deal! Oh, and be prepared to swot up on the latest financial and business news. Sometimes bankers like to talk shop, and will be seriously impressed by a girl who knows her stuff. Most importantly of all though – be confident! There’s not a man in the world who doesn’t find that sexy, least of all our city slicker friends!