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Beating The Chill In Mayfair

kristina luxury escortWhen the snow started to fall, a sensual night in with a favourite client was a real treat.

As you all know, London has been hit by a bout of freezing weather, and few people have been brave enough to hit the clubs or explore the city of an evening. So what better time for a cosy night in with one of my clients? That client in question was one of my regulars, David. He was in town on business, and as the weather was so frightful, his hotel room was the best place for us to relax and unwind together. I told him not to worry about that. Sometimes, you don’t need to go out to have a great time!

David is a guy who really appreciates his escorts turning up the glamour. Just because we weren’t heading out didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to do that. So I really took the time to choose my outfit. After all, myself and the other escorts in Mayfair love to dress up. I went for a smart tailored dress – exactly what you’d expect a young woman heading to a business meeting at a hotel to wear. Underneath though, I had slipped on a sexy black body that clung to my curves. So I would be able to arrive without attracting any attention to myself, meet David in the bar for a few drinks, and then head upstairs with him for the most fun part of the evening.

Stepping into the hotel lobby from the snowy street, I spotted David almost instantly. He was already at the bar, and as always, was dressed impeccably in a smart suit and tie. I love that he always makes an effort for our dates – you’d be surprised at how many clients don’t! We kissed on the cheek, looking perfectly normal to everyone around us. I always arrive for my appointments discreetly, and that’s something that David appreciates. His hand did graze my inner thigh as I sat down though – a tantalising hint of what was to come.

After sharing a bottle of champagne, we were more than ready to head up to his room. The snow was falling even more heavily now, so a night in had definitely been a good call. When we made it to his room, I begun to strip while David set to filling the massive bathtub. What better way to get this cold winter’s evening started than with a long, hot soak together? It’s one of my favourite ways to get in the mood and connect with my clients.

We dried off and wandered across the suite to the huge, super-king sized bed. Now, David does know how to treat a girl right. I’d never leave a bed like this if I didn’t have to! We slipped under the covers, and I succumbed to the feeling of David’s expert hands caressing my naked body. There’s a real misconception that men who hire escorts aren’t great with women, but I can tell you that that simply isn’t true. David’s touches were bringing me to the brink of ecstasy in just a few minutes. So that we could enjoy the experience together, I started to return the favour.

Snow? Well, it’s my new favourite weather!