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Boosting a Chelsea Client’s Confidence

Anna Vip EscortMoving on from a relationship is never easy, but an evening with an escort can boost your self-esteem.

A lot of people think that an appointment with an escort is all about quick gratification, but many men hire me to meet their emotional needs just as much as their physical ones. My most recent client, Ben, had just got divorced. His confidence was at an all time low, and he just wasn’t sure how to get back out there and approach women after such a long time away from the dating scene. One of his friends recommended that he hire an escort, and although he was sceptical, he gave Elite VIP Models a call.

Moving on from a divorce can be really tough for a man. He’s spent years dedicating his life to one woman, and then suddenly he’s on his own again. No wonder so many guys lack in confidence after a breakup. As one of the most experienced Chelsea escorts, I’m well equipped to get men feeling great about dating again. I knew that Ben was looking to shake off some cobwebs in the bedroom, so I went into this appointment with a very open mind.

If you’re the first girl a man has slept with a long time, it’s only right that you make an effort. So before my appointment with Ben I treated myself to some time at the salon to make sure that I looked great. I splashed out on some new underwear too – well, why not? I knew that Ben was a more mature gentleman, so I opted a traditional set of lacy matching lingerie. As I pulled on my stockings and attached them to my suspenders, I thought of just how much fun Ben was going to have with me tonight.

We decided to meet at a top Chelsea hotel. I headed straight to Ben’s room. I always make the effort to arrive at a client’s home or hotel discreetly. I always wear something modest, so that no one has any clue that I’m there as an escort. There’s nothing seedy or wrong about what I do, but I know that gentleman don’t want everyone to know about the most intimate details of their love lives.

Ben and I chatted for a while, and he told me that he’d been dying for some female company but hadn’t had the confidence to get out there and meet a woman after his divorce. Hiring an escort had been a big step for him, and he wasn’t sure if it was right for him. After a short while I’d put those doubts very firmly out of his mind, and we were kissing passionately. I told him that he was welcome to take the lead, or I would if he was feeling anxious. I’m an open minded girl, and always let my clients set the pace during dates.

Ben decided that he’d like me to take charge, so during our overnight appointment I showed him exactly what a woman wants between the sheets. While he was a little out of practice, he was a very attentive student. When I say that we didn’t sleep a wink that night, I mean it!