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Bringing A Lonely Client Some Festive Cheer

Peyton Mayfair EscortThe holiday season can be lonely for single guys in the capital, which is where I come in.

The festive season has to be my favourite time of year. The Christmas lights twinkling all over the capital, those long cosy evenings, and plenty of party invitations make it so special. I’ve got a lot of people to enjoy this wonderful time of year with, including my fellow beautiful Mayfair escorts. Some people aren’t so lucky though, and spend Christmas in the capital all on their own. Well, I just can’t have that! So when one of my favourite clients asked if I’d keep him company for an evening, I was really sympathetic to his needs.

My client, Jordy, is a South African businessman who is based in London for work. He wasn’t able to jet off home for the holidays this year, and was facing a few lonely evenings in his Mayfair apartment. So when he called up the agency looking for a girl to keep him company on one of those long, cold nights, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. For a change of scenery, he splashed on a suite in a nearby hotel, although he did confess that this was to avoid the curious gazes of his neighbours too. I always arrive discreetly, but I do understand my clients wanting to keep their love lives private. Besides, a night in a five-star hotel was my idea of heaven!

For our date, I wanted to dress to impress – even though we wouldn’t be leaving Jordy’s hotel room. I always make the effort to look beautiful for my clients, no matter what the occasion is. So I chose some gorgeous matching underwear complete with matching stockings, and slipped on a fitted black dress on top of it all. The dress was elegant and quite modest, but the neckline was just low enough to hint at what I was wearing underneath. I wouldn’t attract any suspicious looks at the hotel, but I would get Jordy’s pulse racing. That’s the balance that I always try to strike as an escort, and judging by my popularity, it’s one that I get right!

Jordy was waiting for me in the hotel lobby, and just as I thought he would, he gazed straight at my cleavage. Kissing me on both cheeks, he told me how beautiful I looked. He did ask if I’d like to have a drink in the hotel bar before heading up to his room, but I could sense that he was itching to be away from the glances of passers-by as quickly as possible. “Let’s take this upstairs,” I whispered in his ear. We couldn’t move fast enough.

Once we were in his room, Jordy moved to unzip my dress straight away. Before long I was standing there in my underwear, and let me tell you, Jordy was certainly impressed! He sat back in one of the plush armchairs, and I straddled him, bringing his hands up to my bra. As he toyed with the fastening, I reached down to unzip his trousers. “So,” I said. “Any special requests for your Christmas present this year?”

I won’t tell you exactly what happened, as a great escort always takes her client’s privacy extremely seriously. What I will say though, is that I’m booked in to see Jordy three more times before Christmas Day, as well as on New Year’s Eve. So it’s safe to say that he was very impressed with my skills of seduction!