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Camilla Stuns Kensington Society

Camilla Elite EscortThe Most Popular Girl in Town!

Camilla is one of our most sought-after escorts – and it’s really not hard to see why!

Kensington is one of the most affluent areas of the capital, and it’s where you’ll find those who move in the highest circles of London society. It’s also full of wealthy businessmen who due to their busy careers, are still single. That’s no barrier to them finding a hot date though! By giving us a call, they can hire a gorgeous model to accompany them to an event – whether that’s a business function or an exclusive society bash. Camilla, one of our Kensington escorts, has made quite the impression with our clients, so we thought we’d tell you a little more about her.

The best of both worlds

When you first lay eyes on Camilla, you immediately understand why she’s so popular with the men of Kensington. She’s tall and slim, with tanned, toned legs that seem to go on forever. She’s well-spoken and friendly too, and you get the sense that she could hold her own in any conversation. It’s this combination of model good looks and her warm nature that’s made her in such high demand. She offers men the best of both worlds – and in an area like Kensington where reputation and image is everything, she’s the perfect girl to have on your arm.

She loves meeting new clients

Camilla’s favourite thing about being an escort is getting out there and meeting new people. So mingling with the great and good of Kensington society is a dream come true for her! A lot of her clients are highly successful businessmen who need a plus-one to take to an important event. They know that having a gorgeous lady like Camilla on their arm will help them to make just the right impression. She’s been to all kinds of parties – from ones at the most exclusive nightclubs in the capital to weekend bashes at the country homes of members of the Kensington set. Once she’s been on a date with a client, he usually comes back to book her for another evening of fun.

Her clients can’t get enough!

From meals at some of the best restaurants in London to stays in five star hotels, every date is different. One thing is consistent though. The wealthy, well to-do men of Kensington really know how to treat a lady, Camilla says. As we said, image is very important in London high society, and single men can feel a little ostracised at some of the big events. When Camilla steps in to help though, any social occasion becomes a breeze. As a result, Camilla’s clients shower her with respect and gratitude – all while their friends are wondering how to book her for an evening themselves!

Meet her for yourself

So are you a man looking for a hot date in Kensington? If the answer is yes, get in touch with us to see if Camilla could keep you company for an evening. Whether you want her to be by your side for an important work event or just want to let your hair down in the company of a gorgeous woman, she’ll be happy to oblige. Just make sure you book sooner rather than later – she’s a very busy girl!