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Celebrating a Promotion in Chelsea

Anna High Class EscortWhen a client needed a plus one for an important work event, Elite VIP Models knew I was the perfect girl for the job.

Most people think that being an escort is just endless partying, but my job has a serious side too. I’m often asked to attend important work events with my clients as their plus one. This requires me to go along with a pre-planned story when posed with those ‘how did the two of you meet?’ questions, handle small talk with ease and to be on my very best behaviour all night. As a high class escort, I’m used to acting professionally and dressing elegantly – which made me the perfect date for Thomas.

Thomas was going to be promoted, and would be expected to attend an upcoming work event celebrating the company’s 25th year of business. His single status had always held him back from attending events, as he felt shy and self conscious due to almost all his colleagues having a partner. One day a pal suggested that he hire an escort – and that’s what bought him to Elite VIP Models. He’d heard that you could find the best rated Chelsea escorts here, and had been bowled over by the beauties on our site before picking me.

Thomas’ work event was being held at one of the best hotels in Chelsea, so we agreed that we would meet there a short while before the party started. I would be able to help ease Thomas’ nerves during that time, as well as answer any questions he might have before we went to join the party. I really like to get to know my clients properly, as this leads to us developing a much better rapport and chemistry. I arrived discreetly, and headed straight for my newest client’s suite.

As I expected, Thomas was a little nervous – but that was to be expected. After all, it was a very important night and his first time hiring an escort. Luckily, we weren’t both yet dressed for the festivities, so I gave him a long, sensual massage to help him unwind. Caressing every part of his body, he was totally satisfied by the time I’d finished. After that, I slipped into a sexy yet elegant dress and we headed downstairs.

The party was fantastic, and several people remarked on how relaxed Thomas was in my company. We agreed to say that we’d met online – which wasn’t really a lie at all! I happily posed for pictures with him and chatted away to his colleagues, allowing him to relax and enjoy this special night. When it was all over, we headed back to his hotel room to continue the party in a much more intimate setting.

Sometimes, after a long night, all a client wants to do is share a bottle of bubbly and then cosy up to sleep. Thomas was on something of a high following the party though, and was in an amorous mood. So we made the most of the huge bed and got to know each other even better! By the time we actually got to sleep, I’m pretty sure the sun might have been coming up! It’s safe to say that the night was a huge success. If you’d like me to put you at ease, contact me today!