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Celebrating Bonfire Night With A Bang In Mayfair

Marie Luxury EscortWhen a client needed a hot date for a Bonfire Night party, I was more than happy to accompany him.

Winter is my favourite time of year, and there’s no better place to experience it than the capital. Winter for me means lots of festive events to attend with my clients, and as you know me and my fellow Mayfair escorts do love to party. Bonfire Night is just one of those occasions, and this year I was invited to accompany a client to a lavish party in one of the most exclusive parts of Mayfair. Great entertainment, flowing drinks and a handsome man to spend the night with? Well you can probably guess that it didn’t take me very long to say yes!

The client’s name is Dan, and we’d met up previously. I’d accompanied him to an event at a prestigious London hotel, and he’d been so impressed with my professionalism that he’d asked me to be his plus one at this Bonfire Night party. An influential work contact was throwing it, and Dan wanted to impress with a gorgeous girl on his arm. I recognised the address as one of the most high-end in Mayfair (and that’s saying something!) so I knew that we’d be in for a night to remember.

The plan was this: we’d spend the evening at the party, before heading back to Dan’s hotel. Dan is from Manchester, you see, and wanted to squeeze in a luxury break in a five-star hotel along his work commitments in the capital that week. I chose a matching set of red lace underwear, and then slipped on one of my favourite sexy dresses over the top, which clung to my petite figure. I wanted to look my best not only for the fireworks party, but for the stay at the hotel later on.

Dan and I met up before the event so that we could travel there together, and I learned that tonight I’d be assuming the role of a girl he’d met through his tennis club. I never mind going along with these kinds of stories, as I’m very understanding of the fact that my clients don’t always like telling people they use escorts. So when we arrived, I stuck to the story as we mingled, drinks in hand.

The fireworks display was spectacular, as was the guest list! I saw a few well-known faces, but you all know that a lady never kisses and tells. Once the display was over and Dan had successfully secured a meeting with his contact, we hailed a cab back to his hotel. We certainly weren’t tired though. No, the night was only beginning for the two of us.

Dan had arranged for a bottle of champagne to be waiting for us, and he popped it open as I stripped down to my underwear. I love the admiring glances I get from clients, and as I reclined on the bed Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off me. Soon, the champagne was being set aside, and it was Dan’s turn to disrobe. All that tennis had clearly been paying off, and I ran my hands up and down his muscular chest. Needless to say, we did see out the rest of Bonfire Night with a bang!