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Cheeky Maid In Chelsea

Stella High Class EscortWhen one of my favourite clients wanted me to indulge in a little bit of role play, I was only too happy to oblige!

Working as an escort means that more often than not, I have to assume a totally different persona. That’s right – today we’re talking about one of my role playing adventures! Now, I just love to try out different fantasies with my clients, as it not only adds a little bit more excitement and variety to my appointments, but it allows me to explore many different sides to myself. As one of the most popular Chelsea escorts here at Elite VIP Models, it seems that it goes down pretty well with my clients too! So let me fill you in on my most recent appointment, where I slipped into the role of a sexy maid.

The date in question was with one of my favourite clients, Lewis. We’ve been on so many dates, and the trust between is strong enough that we can confidently indulge in a little role play. We’ve touched on things like a naughty student and a cheeky nurse, but his favourite is the maid. I won’t lie, it’s mine too, thanks to the sexy costume I get to don for the occasion. I have a little black dress that’s very short indeed, a cheeky little apron and headpiece and of course, some sexy stockings to set the whole thing off. When I bend over to do a little bit of ‘dusting’, Lewis is guaranteed a great view!

Of course, my maid’s outfit isn’t quite suitable for turning up at a client’s house in, and I do pride myself on my discretion and professionalism. So when I arrived at Lewis’s swanky Chelsea apartment, I was demurely covered up. When Lewis let me in and closed the front door behind us though, I hitched up my skirt a little to show him that I was wearing the stockings that he’d requested I slip on for the evening. The look on his face told me everything I needed to know – he was very, very keen for me to fully assume my cheeky maid persona.

We made our way to the bedroom, where I slipped off my clothes to reveal the very saucy maid costume I had on underneath. I busied myself doing a little tidying up, shall we say – making sure I was bending over a lot in the process and showing Lewis the silky black French knickers that I was sporting underneath my skirt. Lewis, as usual, just watched me for a while, enjoying the show I was putting on. When I reached for my feather tickler though, he was suddenly very keen to grasp my waist from behind and start to whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

Now, we made have messed up the room a little. As Lewis’s maid for the evening though, I would just have to tidy up and treat him to another show again. He is a guy who can just keep on pleasing a girl all night, so that was something that I really relished. Let me tell you, I was a very naughty maid, and Lewis took great delight in showing me who was really in charge.