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Fulfilling A Client’s Sexy Secretary Fetish

When a client of mine told me that he’d always wanted to act out a certain fantasy, I was more than happy to help!

Being an escort means that no two of my evenings are the same. One night I could be dining in one of London’s best restaurants, the next being whisked away on a private jet for a weekend trip. It’s not just where I go though, it’s how I act on those dates that varies each time. Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, but sometimes I have to take on another role completely. So when a client called and asked if I’d be able to help him fulfil one of his fantasises, I couldn’t wait to give him the performance of a lifetime.

The man in question was a fairly new client of mine, Ross. He’d mentioned on our previous date that there was a scenario that he’d love to play out if we had the time – and last weekend he called me to tell me that he had cleared a night in his schedule. So what fantasy did he want to bring to life? Well, he wanted me to play the part of his sexy secretary.

Naturally, I was pretty excited about indulging in a little bit of role play. It’s a really good way to spice up an evening with a client, and they can really lose themselves in the fantasy. So I knew that for it to work, I’d need a killer outfit. I rifled through my wardrobe and found a slinky pencil skirt with a slit up the back. I had a blouse that matched it perfectly, and unbuttoned that a little to reveal my black lacy bra. High heels, a pair of glasses and a slick of red lipstick and I was ready to go.

I arrived at Ross’ penthouse apartment in Mayfair and he let me in. We’d discussed how the evening was going to play out, and I knew that we’d be role-playing right from the start. “There’s some filing that needs taking care of upstairs in the office,” he said to me. “I’ll be up to see how you’re getting on in a little while.” As I walked up the staircase, I could feel his eyes on me.

Letting myself into his home office, I immediately sat down behind his huge, polished oak desk. Five minutes or so later, I heard his footsteps on the landing. As he came in, I leant forwards over the desk, giving him a great view of my generous cleavage. “I’m sorry sir,” I began. “I’ve lost some of those important papers. My fault, of course. I’ll repay you however you like.” Ross smiled, and I shivered in anticipation.

“My, my,” he said. “Someone’s been behaving very badly. I’ll have to think of a suitable punishment.” He looked at the desk pointedly. “Lay down on it,” he demanded. “I’m going to have to give you a good spanking to show you who’s boss.” I did what he asked, revealing my stockings as my skirt rode up. This time, it was his turn to shiver. “Of course sir,” I said. “Show me how much of a bad girl I’ve been.”

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