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Fun With The Birthday Boy In Mayfair

marie-luxury-escortA new client wanted to celebrate his birthday in style, and I was the perfect girl to keep him company for the evening!

Lots of men hire high class escorts for special occasions, whether it’s to accompany them to an important work event or to celebrate a more personal milestone. That’s exactly what I was doing this week. A gentleman got in touch with the agency to say that he was going to be coming to the capital to celebrate his 30th birthday with some friends, and then wanted to spend the night in a five-star hotel room with some gorgeous company. As one of the best escorts in Mayfair, I knew that I was the perfect girl to help him create some very special memories with.

My date for the evening was Connor, a businessman from Dublin. He had already celebrated his birthday with friends and family at home, but wanted to come to London to party with his business contacts and really treat himself. We’d never met before, but there’s nothing that makes me melt more than an Irish accent! So I was incredibly excited for our date. He was going to enjoy a meal with his friends, and then I was going to meet him at The Connaught Bar, one of the most popular spots for a cocktail in the capital.

I knew that I was going to have to pull out all the stops to make this birthday date truly unforgettable for Connor. So I spent hours getting ready at my London apartment, taking a long soak in the bath and then wandering to my underwear closet to pick out a stunning matching set to wear under my dress. I work hard to maintain my toned yet curvy figure, and I love showing it off with push-up bras and skimpy panties. I slipped into a sleek little red dress, and let my hair fall loose over my shoulders. Connor had said that he loved blondes, after all!

When I met Connor at the bar, I was very impressed. Tall and slim, he complimented me immediately and urged me to choose anything I wanted from the cocktail menu. We sat together drinking for an hour or so, and there was a real electricity building between us. Often, his hand would gravitate to my thigh, inching higher and higher each time. I’d worn some sexy lace stockings under my dress, and Connor smirked when he felt them. It didn’t take us too long to finish our drinks after that. Luckily, he had a room booked at The Connaught, so we didn’t have far to go.

Almost as soon as the door was shut behind us, my dress fell to the floor. Connor was a confident, assertive lover, and I was happy to go along with whatever he had planned. After all, this was his birthday treat. The one thing I did insist on though, was him laying back on the bed and watching as I slowly removed my stockings and underwear. I wanted to put on a great show for him, and judging by the way the rest of the evening went, I’m pretty sure he approved!