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How I Became A High Class Kensington Escort

PatsyBefore I worked at Elite, I was still looking for my true calling. That changed when a friend suggested I become an escort.

Working as an escort means that I’m lucky enough to get the kind of experiences you just can’t get from an ordinary 9-5 job. I love every second of it, and I’m more than happy to talk about it with people who are curious – I never reveal too much though. Good escorts never kiss and tell! When I tell people that I work as an escort, one of the first questions they ask is how I got started in the industry. After answering that question quite a few times, I thought I’d pen a little blog sharing how and why I became one of the top Kensington escorts here at Elite VIP Models.

First things first, I’ve always loved spending time with men. I’m a confident, naturally flirtatious girl, and I just click with guys. Even before I started to work as an escort, I used to love going on dates with different men, finding out all about them and what made them tick. You could say that I’m a pretty understanding, open-minded girl, and men say that they find it easy to communicate with me. So when one of my friends who was working as an escort encouraged me to give it a go, I was really keen. I enquired at Elite, and the rest is history! Now I’m one of their most popular models.

When it was suggested by my friend that I should become an escort, I was working as a highly successful fashion model. I loved jetting off around the world to be photographed for campaigns and magazines or take part in fashion shows. The clothes were a bonus too – I got to wear things that really showed off my figure to its fullest potential. I still work as a model now, but working as an escort too means that I still get to get out there, have fun and meet new people whenever I like. Being a model means that I always look good for my clients as well, which is something that I take a lot of pride in. What girl doesn’t like playing dress up? For me, slipping on something sexy and seeing my date’s face light up when we meet is one of the best feelings in the world.

So I had the personality and the drive to look my best at all times – both essential if you’re going to make it as an escort. The final piece in the puzzle? Unleashing my inner seductress. This was what really drew me to the job. I just love to satisfy men, and allowing them to fulfil their deepest desires is something I just can’t get enough of. My path to becoming an escort may have been because an eagle-eyed friend noticed how I’d be suited to it, but I think even if she hadn’t suggested it, I would have always ended up here. The chance to explore my sexuality and helping men to do the same is what I was meant to do. Would I change my job? Not for anything in the world!