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How to Avoid Fake Escorts Online

Always Book Directly With Elite VIP Models

With so many escorts now advertising online, it can be difficult to know which ones are fake. That’s why you should always book through a trusted agency.

There are so many escorts advertising online, with promises that seem almost too good to be true. Sadly, that’s what most of them are. The best way to avoid getting lured in by fake online call girls is to book high class London escorts from a trusted agency like ours. Here’s why it pays to book direct with Elite VIP Models.

Find a great agency

The one thing that you should always do is book with a great agency. Here at Elite VIP Models, we give our clients incredible escort experiences – and you can be sure that all of our girls are real and ready to meet you. Our team are on head to answer any questions that you may have about your appointment, and they will always be able to offer advice. That’s why men know we’re the online escort agency they can trust.

No fake pictures

When you find an escort advertising online, you were probably attracted to her photographs. Unfortunately, a large number of escorts use fake pictures when they advertise online. A client will arrange an appointment, and sometimes even pay. Then they will be disappointed when the escort that they saw online never arrives. We never lure our clients in with fake pictures, and you can be sure that your escort will be exactly as she appears.

Satisfaction guaranteed

By arranging a date with us, you’re not only protecting yourself from fake escorts, but you’re also guaranteeing yourself a good evening. So many fake escort profiles list all the incredible things that this girl can do – only for the actual service that you do receive to be crushing disappointment. Our escorts have been trained to deliver a truly incredible service, satisfying you completely as well as carrying out their work with discretion.

Staying safe

Fake online escort profiles aren’t just irritating but could land you in hot water too. When you arrange to meet an escort advertising her services online, you have no idea how old she is and if she is legally allowed to work in the UK. However, if you arrange an escort appointment with us, you can be sure that your escort is over the age of 18 and can carry out her work legally. So, for peace of mind, always book with an agency.

Build up a rapport with your agency

Rather than taking your chance on an escort working alone, build up a rapport with an agency. They will be able to get to know you, and when you call, they will be able to tell you when the escort of your choice is available right away. On the rare occasion a client’s favourite escort isn’t available, we are always quick to recommend another girl who we think would be perfect. We love getting to know each man who books with us, and tailor every appointment to their unique needs.

Book your escort today!

Whether you head to one of the best restaurants in London or spend the night at your home or hotel, a night with one of our gorgeous escorts will not disappoint. Booking with us gives you total peace of mind – something that many dubious escorts can never guarantee. So, give us a call today!