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How To Impress Your Outcall Escort

Chelsea escortMaking a Great First Impression

 Just like you would with a normal date, you need to make an effort to really wow your escort when she visits you.

If you’re thinking of booking an escort to come visit you at home, then there are a few things to remember. Essentially, you want to treat an escort how you would a girlfriend coming over to visit. That means a clean and tidy home, making yourself look presentable, and thinking about those little finishing touches. A little bit lost? Don’t worry, our guide to making a good impression on your escort will tell you everything you need to know!

Your Home

First of all, make sure that you’ve got enough time to clean and tidy your home before the appointment. Ten minutes between you getting home from work and your escort arriving?

Make sure you get do it before then! The weekend prior to your appointment is a great time to get most of it all done. As a rule, you’ll just want to keep the entrance, living space, bathroom and bedroom tidy – it’s perfectly normal to want to keep some rooms off limits, after all. A quick hoover, dust and de-clutter will have your home looking great, and sure to impress your visitor.

Oh, and don’t forget to change your sheets and put some clean towels out in the bathroom.


Once your home is clean and tidy, it’s time to focus on yourself. Like we said, you’re going to be treating your escort like you would a regular date. So you’ll want to look as good as possible! Have a shower before your date turns up, and give yourself a fresh spray of deodorant and aftershave. If you’re normally clean shaven and have a bit of a five o’clock shadow, then take care of that too.

As for what to wear, no one is expecting you to be dressed to the nines in the comfort of your own home – but you don’t want to appear slobby either! A clean t-shirt and jeans is a great option, relaxed but put-together.

Going The Extra Mile

So your home is tidy and you’re looking great, now what next? Well, it’s time to think about those all-important finishing touches that will seriously impress your escort. Splash out on a bottle of fizz and have it chilling in the fridge for when your date arrives. There’s no better way to break the ice than with a glass of champagne, after all.

A bunch of fresh flowers will fill the room with an incredible scent, and will really set the tone for the evening. Some candles are a great way of making a room feel cosy and romantic too, so make sure to pick some up on your next shop.

Enjoy Your Evening!

If you’ve paid attention to everything we’ve said, your Chelsea outcall escort is sure to be bowled over when she arrives at your home! If she’s impressed by all the effort you’ve gone to, she’s going to feel much more confident and comfortable – which will make your date a lot more fun! If you plan to see her again afterwards, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best first impression possible too. So there’s no excuse not to pull out all of the stops!