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How To Make Sure Your Escort Says Yes

Erika VIP EscortGuaranteeing Yourself a Second Date

If you want to see your escort again, here are some tips that will ensure that she’s up for another night of fun.

So, you’ve just come to the end of your time with an escort and as far as you’re aware, the two of you have hit it off. So you take a deep breath, work up the courage and ask her if she’d be open to the possibility of seeing you again. If she says no, then, well, there’s not too much that you can do to change her mind. After all, it’s her who gets the final say. What you can do though, is take some steps to ensure that her answer will be a resounding yes in the first place!

Keeping it clean

First things first, it’s important that you pay close attention to your personal hygiene. Yes, it might seem like that should go without saying, but a client not keeping himself fresh is a surprisingly common reason for one of our elite London escorts not wanting to repeat the experience. So if you’ve been sweating on the long train ride home, or have come straight from the gym, be sure to freshen up thoroughly for your escort before you meet her. After all, she makes a lot of effort for you, so it’s only fair that you return the favour.

Treating her with respect

It’s important to always treat your escort with the utmost respect too. Yes, our girls are totally dedicated and professional – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not human beings. Being rude to, arguing with or belittling your escort certainly won’t endear you to her, and she’ll have every right to refuse to see you again. So just be patient with her, just as she is with you. We understand that seeing an escort, particularly for the first time, can be a little scary. By keeping calm and positive throughout though, you’ll have a much better time together. This will lead to plenty of chemistry, and your escort will just love to spend another evening with you.

Don’t squabble about the fee

We’re really upfront about our rates, and we always make it very clear to our clients what they have to pay before they go ahead and book. So if you start to squabble with your escort about her fee or try to get away with paying less than you should, that’s going to be an instant blot on your copybook. Our escorts love their jobs enough to not be motivated by money alone, but it’s going to knock their confidence if you imply that they’re not worth their fee. So get clued up on what your date will cost, and pay your escort without a fuss. It’s a small gesture, but one that will make you stand out as a decent client.

Being a good client will pay off!

Building up a rapport with your escort over lots of dates will make for a really satisfying experience. After all, your escort will know exactly what it is that you like, and will be able to tap into your deepest fantasies in no time at all. So by making yourself a five star client, you’ll be able to establish a great bond with the escort of your choice, and she’ll go above and beyond to make sure that her favourite guy is always taken care of properly.