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Kick-Starting a Businessman’s Love Life

Nathalie Elite EscortWhen an inexperienced gentleman called upon me to help him, I knew I could turn him into a Lothario!

I’ve worked at Elite VIP Models for some time now, and I’ve established myself as one of the most in-demand Chelsea escorts. That means that I meet so many different men every week (and quite a few women too!). My clients have really varying degrees of experience when it comes to romance and intimacy, and I tailor each appointment accordingly. One of my most recent clients was in his forties, and was ashamed that he hadn’t had much luck with the ladies. Well, I was on hand to change that right away!

I never reveal the real names of my clients. After all, a real lady never kisses and tells. So let’s call my latest client Daniel. A successful businessmen with his own company, everything that Daniel touch had turned to gold. Everything except his love life. Although he’d succeeded financially, he felt that he was somehow inadequate because of his lack of experience in the bedroom. The agency knows how good I am at coaxing even the most introverted guys out of their shells, so I was called upon to give Daniel a few lessons in lovemaking.

We met at a five star Chelsea hotel. Lots of my clients prefer to meet in hotels, as there’s much less chance that they’ll run into someone they know. Daniel was already waiting for me in the suite that he’d booked for the weekend, so I headed straight up. I’d dressed to impress for our time together, even though we weren’t planning to head out. I’d slipped into a little black dress that clung to my curves, and underneath that I was wearing some new underwear that I’d bought just for the occasion. Well, I do like to give my clients an out of this world experience.

Daniel was suave and charming, and didn’t really seem to have any nerves. I know how good some men are at hiding their anxiety though, so I proceeded with caution. I sat down with Daniel on the bed and ran through our options for the evening. I am always upfront with clients, as I want them to make totally informed choices. The more assured and confident they feel, the better the night is for the both of us.

After listening to a few of the scenarios I had planned for the evening, Daniel opted for a slow, sensual massage to get things started. A massage is a great way to ease any lingering nerves, and it allows me to get close to a client before the main event, as it were! So I slowly stripped down to my underwear, and encouraged Daniel to do the same. Soon we were both lying back on the bed, and I was using every inch of my body to massage his.

After we’d both had enough of foreplay, I guided Daniel through his first night of passion in quite some time. What he lacked in recent experience he more than made up for in terms of stamina, and he even took the time to pleasure me. I was confident by the time that we said goodbye that this was a lesson he’d soon be repeating – and I couldn’t wait for the chance to play teacher again!