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Marvellous Mayfair

A Night on the Town

I love showing clients what’s great about the part of London I call home – and last week I got to do just that.

If you try to think of somewhere that’s got plenty of glamour, Mayfair certainly fits the bill – and it suits me down to the ground! Working as a Mayfair escort means that I know where the hottest places to eat, drink, dance and sleep are. It’s this knowledge that makes me popular with both visitors to the area or residents who just want to discover something new about the place they call home. It was a new man in town who called me up last week – and he wanted to do Mayfair in style. One thing’s for sure, he called up the right girl!

The man in question was a wealthy Italian businessman called Fabio. He was in London for a couple of days, and wanted to have as much fun as possible in between his work commitments in the capital. I suggested some dinner, drinks and then spending the night with him in his Mayfair hotel. Once we’d finished our phone call, I set about planning the perfect date – and that included making myself look amazing.

Mayfair is full of some incredible restaurants, and the agency secured us a table at one of the most exclusive ones. Fabio and I were meeting at seven o’clock, so I started to get ready a few hours before. I had a feeling that he would be serious about fashion (I have fond memories of my time in Rome!) so I went straight for the designer dresses in my wardrobe. The slinky Dolce and Gabbana number? Yes, perfect. I added some killer heels and a slick of red lipstick, and I was ready to hop into my waiting car and head to the restaurant.

When I arrived at the restaurant to meet Fabio, well, what can I say? He was handsome, charming and greeted me with a Ciao and a kiss on both cheeks. The meal passed quickly as we chatted and got to know each other. Fabio confessed that he was a bit of a party animal, and wanted to spend the rest of the night in the best club in Mayfair. I had just the place in mind – Cirque le Soir. So we finished our champagne and headed over there.

The club was packed full of Mayfair’s finest, and I’d spotted one or two famous faces by the time we made it to our booth. My focus was entirely on Fabio though, and I knew that we had real chemistry. We drank and we danced, and soon enough, it was closing time. I’d known that I was heading back to Fabio’s hotel from the start – and the thought was really exciting me.

Fabio was staying at The May Fair Hotel, and by the time we’d made it into the lift, we could barely keep our hands off of each other. He was an incredible kisser, and kept complimenting me in that gorgeous accent of his. When he closed the door of his hotel room behind us, he pulled me close and began to kiss my neck. I looked over his shoulder to the huge bed, and smiled to myself. We were in for a very long night.