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My First Work Christmas Party!

patsy high class escortCompany functions don’t have to be boring if you have a gorgeous girl like me on your arm.

At this time of year, it’s normal to be inundated with invitations. When you’ve got a partner, the plus one issue doesn’t even need discussing. If you’re a single guy in the capital though, the party season can fill you with dread. Nobody likes turning up to an event on their own, after all. That’s where me and my fellow Kensington escorts come in! We accompany men to all kinds of functions, from business events to birthday parties. As one of the newer escorts in the area, this week saw me attend my first ever office Christmas party with a client.

The client in question was Damien, a respected City architect. We’d been on a few dates, and now whenever he called the agency he asked for me specifically. Being someone’s favourite escort is so flattering, and when the latest call came through from Damien I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. I’ve only been escorting since the start of the year, so I have never experienced the festive season with my clients. I was about to get my first taste of it though, as Damien wanted me to accompany him to his firm’s Christmas party at a top Kensington hotel!

Damien had booked me not only for the duration of the party, but for an overnight stay in the hotel too. So I planned my outfit carefully. I wanted to look as sexy as possible so that Damien would be proud to have me on his arm – but I needed to look classy too. So I chose a slinky red dress for the party, and then some gorgeous lacy white underwear for when we headed back to the hotel room for our own private party. Taking one last look at myself in the mirror before I left, I knew that Damien was in for a treat.

Damien and I had arranged to meet at a bar just around the corner from the hotel, so that we could then arrive at the party together. Damien explained that he was going to introduce me as someone that he’d been seeing who he’d met at the gym, which was fine with me. After a couple of drinks, we made our way to the hotel. The function room was full of people, and Damien explained that there were a few guests here who he’d really like to impress. I followed him around the room as he mingled, and I like to think that I gave him a confidence boost.

As the clock approached midnight, Damien leant over and whispered that he’d like to head up to his room. Although I was having a great time at the party, I felt the same way. There had been an undeniable connection between us since our very first date, and that chemistry had only grown as we spent more time together. As soon as we were alone in the room, I wasted no time in stripping down to my underwear. Judging by Damien’s appraising look, it had been worth the wait. He laid down on the bed and beckoned me over to join him, which I of course did. Readers, we didn’t leave that bed for a very long time!