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My Night As A Made In Chelsea Babe

Anna Elite EscortWhen a Made In Chelsea fan wanted a night out on the town, the agency knew I was the perfect companion.

Chelsea has long been one of the most affluent and exclusive parts of London, but since a certain TV show premiered it’s become even more desirable to spend an evening there. I’ve been rubbing shoulders with the cast of Made In Chelsea for some time now, and as one of the best Chelsea escorts I’ve been told that I’m glamorous enough to rival the female stars of the show. So when a new client called saying that he wanted to experience a Chelsea night out like he’d seen on TV, I knew that I would be the perfect girl to keep him company.

Kevin is a businessman from Edinburgh, and was spending the week in the capital for work. He’d chosen Chelsea as his base because he is a huge admirer of the ladies on the TV show. So imagine his delight when he found out that the best escort agency in London was right on his doorstep! He gave Elite a call, and a date with me was duly arranged. The agency know that I know the party scene in Chelsea like the back of my hand, and that I’d be the best possible companion for Kevin on his night out.

Now, everyone knows that Chelsea chicks love to look glamorous, and I’m no exception. I took my time picking an outfit for my date with Kevin. In the end I settled on a super-clingy red dress that hugged my figure. From what I’d heard, I’d already pegged Kevin as a cheeky chap. So I went braless, with only a tiny thong sitting between my naked skin and my dress. Now that’s what sets me apart from the other Chelsea girls I guess!

When we met, I was pretty impressed. Kevin said that he ran his own business and worked from home, but he was no couch potato. Lean and muscular, he was exactly my kind of guy. Judging by the look he gave me, I’m guessing that I was his kind of girl! Stepping into one of Chelsea’s best bars together, I couldn’t stop thinking about how good we looked together – and how much chemistry was brewing between us already.

The bar was great, with a fantastic DJ and incredible cocktails. By around 11pm though, I could sense that Kevin wanted to get out of there and head back to his hotel – and so did I. In the taxi, his hand started to move slowly up my skirt, until he was toying with the flimsy material of my thong. Luckily, the ride didn’t take too long – I’m not sure how much longer I could have resisted his advances for!

The door was barely shut behind us before Kevin was unzipping my dress. He let out a low whistle when he saw that I wasn’t wearing a bra, and he directed me back onto the king size bed. Peppering my bare breasts with kisses, he stroked his hands up and down my thighs. I urged him out of his clothes before too long. I was incredibly attracted to him, and I couldn’t wait to see just how good a lover he was. Readers, I won’t reveal what went on between us, but let me just say that Kevin is planning a return trip to the capital very, very soon!