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My Night In Hollywood

Candice Mayfair EscortWhen I got a call from a famous actor, I knew that I could look forward to a truly unforgettable evening.

Here at the leading Mayfair escort agency, we’re lucky enough to be able to take care of some VIP clients. Valuing our discreet service and wide variety of girls, they come to us when they are looking for a bit of fun in the capital. As one of the most popular escorts in Mayfair, I am used to spending time with rich and famous clients. So when a booking came through from a famous actor, I was the perfect girl for the job! I’ll call him Tom for this account of our date in order to protect his identity. After all, a good escort never kisses and tells!

I was to meet ‘Tom’ at his five star London hotel, where he and his team had set up camp while he finished promoting his latest project. Due to his fame, we wouldn’t be venturing from his room – not unless we wanted to fight our way past the paparazzi just to get to dinner! No, this would be decidedly low-key, although I was still determined to make it special for him. I picked a sexy outfit – a little dress that when removed, would reveal a gorgeous set of matching underwear. I knew that Tom loved blondes, so I left my golden tresses loose.

Pulling up to Tom’s hotel, I quickly made my way to his suite as directed. I do everything I can to avoid embarrassment for my clients, and that includes arriving discreetly. I had slipped on a modest jacket over my sexy outfit so that no one would guess that I was an escort. Privacy is extremely important to men like Tom, and I do everything I can to protect that. It’s something that all my clients can count on – whether they’re a movie star or a normal guy.

Tom was just as handsome as I thought he’d be, if not more so! Tanned and muscular and dressed in a smart shirt and jeans, he looked like a typical off-duty Hollywood star. He greeted me warmly and kissed me on the cheek, and asked me if I’d like anything to drink. Guys, there’s nothing that I love more than good manners! Soon we were sharing some champagne and getting to know each other.

Soon, we moved things to the bedroom. Tom wanted to relax and unwind, and had requested one of my massages and stripteases to get the evening started. I told him to lie down on the bed while I got started, and boy did he enjoy the show I put on for him! He told me that it made a change for him to be the audience for once! Once I was naked, I begun the massage, slowly working the tension from his tired muscles with my body and hands alike.

I think you can guess that the evening didn’t end there – but I won’t be telling you too much! Like I said before, the best escorts never kiss and tell – and Tom booked me knowing that no major details of our date would be leaked. What I can tell you is that by the end of the evening, we were both totally satisfied, and Tom could jet back to LA feeling more relaxed than he had in weeks!