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Partying Like A Celebrity In Chelsea

High Class EscortWhen it comes to partying in Chelsea, there’s no better companion than yours truly!

Chelsea has to be one of the hottest party districts in London, and is a favourite of the rich and famous. Lots of people come to Chelsea for the chance to drink and dance in the company of models, TV stars and even royalty. Plenty of those people are single men, and they of course need a stunning companion to navigate the clubbing scene with. That’s where me and my fellow Chelsea escorts come in! We love nothing more than dancing the night away with our clients, and we know the local party scene better than anyone. We’re the hottest dates in town!

My client for the evening was one of my favourite clients, Marcus. We’ve spent a lot of time together before, usually at one of the best restaurants in town or seeing a show in the West End. Now though, he wanted to let his hair down and party. Naturally, there was only one girl he thought of calling – me! I already had a few places in mind that I thought Marcus would like before we’d even finished the phone call.

As it is a hotspot for the richest and most glamorous people in the capital, dressing up for a night out in Chelsea is essential. Luckily, my other job as a professional model means that I know how to turn up the sex appeal! I chose a striking black dress that flaunted my killer curves. I knew that Marcus loved my figure, and that he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of my ample cleavage.

I met Marcus at one of the many bars in Chelsea. We got things started with a few drinks, and caught up with each other. Marcus had been wrangling a few difficult deals at work, and had decided that a night out was just what he needed to relax. I couldn’t agree more! After we’d finished our cocktails, we headed out to really get the night started. The great thing about hiring an escort through Elite is that you can take advantage of our VIP extras, which include table bookings at the hottest clubs in town.

While we were dancing the night away at the club, I spotted quite a few famous faces. Marcus told me that I looked just as gorgeous as a certain A-list supermodel who was there, and I blushed. He’s such a charmer, and always knows how to make me feel like a million dollars! After a few hours of partying, we both decided that it was time to call it a night and unwind somewhere a little more private. Luckily, Marcus doesn’t live too far, so we headed back to his apartment.

We fell into bed when we made it back, and we just spent a while relaxing in each other’s arms. Hiring an escort for an overnight stay means that there’s no rush, and you can really let the romantic chemistry build. Before too long though, we were shedding our remaining clothes and preparing for a long night of fun. I think that Marcus had forgotten all about his workplace worries come the morning!