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Saying Goodbye To Summer With My Kensington Gent

Camilla VIP EscortSometimes you just really can’t beat a night in, can you?

With summer now a distant memory, men are looking for hot Kensington escorts like me to keep them company on those long, cold nights. While lots of my clients still like to party and stay out until the early hours, many of them want to stay in their hotel rooms and just relax and unwind in my company. Well, that works for me! So when a client asked me to come spend a night with him in his five-star hotel suite, I was more than happy to get dressed up, head over there and treat him to an unforgettable night even though we weren’t venturing out.

The client I was going to be meeting up with was an old favourite of mine, Phil. He always prefers to meet escorts at a hotel, and one of the things that he cares a lot about is discretion. As a successful businessman who lives and works in London, he doesn’t want everyone to know the details of his love life – and I’m always really mindful of that. Phil loves it when I wear something sexy for him, so I chose my skimpiest underwear and a very short dress. Aware that I’d be meeting him at one of the most popular hotels in the city though, I slipped on a demure coat that came down to just below my stockings. No one else would know what I was wearing underneath as I ventured out into the chilly October night. No, this was for Phil’s eyes only.

Phil had given me the number of his suite, and when he opened the door I could tell that he’d splashed out on the best one in the hotel. I’d made sure that I didn’t attract any attention to myself on the way up, and I slipped in and let Phil shut the door behind me. Finally, the moment that we’d been waiting for. He poured me a glass of champagne, and offered to take my coat. When he saw what I was wearing underneath it, he laughed. “You do know me too well,” he said, taking in the sight of me in my sexy outfit.

Phil likes to take charge during our dates, and I’m all too happy to let my inner submissive take over. I laid back on the bed and Phil drew a long, silk tie out of his briefcase. I was going to be blindfolded, and I shivered in anticipation. You’re no doubt aware that not being able to see really heightens your other senses, and the feeling of my stockings slowly being removed while I was blindfolded was just the beginning of a wealth of incredible sensations. I won’t tell you exactly what happened, but just let me say that Phil is a very, very attentive lover.

Afterwards, Phil filled the huge tub in the bathroom for us both to have a soak in. With the weather so cold outside, cosying up together in the warm water was a welcome alternative to wandering the city streets. As we relaxed Phil ran a hand up my inner thigh, and I knew that we weren’t quite done for the night. While I do love the summer, if every winter night in is quite as good as this one was turning out to be, I am definitely looking forward to a lot more of them!