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Seeing In The New Year With a Bang!

avi exclusive escortWhen one of my favourite clients asked me to celebrate New Year’s Eve with him, I knew that I’d be in for a great night.

Happy New Year readers! I hope that you’re ready for all that 2018 has in store, including a few dates with me and my fellow Mayfair escorts. I know that you love to hear about our appointments with clients, as it gives you a little taste of what you can expect from your very own date. So let me turn back the clock a little, and tell you all about my New Year’s Eve celebrations. I spent it with a client who wanted to see out 2017 in style – and I did everything I could to make it an unforgettable evening.

Gaspard was the client in question, and he’s a gentleman that I’ve spent quite a bit of time with before. A businessman from Paris, he was spending the festive season in London while wrapping up a big deal. As I’m French too, I quickly became a favourite of his. Being able to speak to someone in your native tongue really does help to ease those nerves, and we have so many multilingual escorts here at Elite. From the word bonjour, Gaspard and I hit it off. Who better then, to see in the New Year with?

Gaspard had splashed out on a suite at an exclusive Mayfair hotel for the duration of his stay, and wanted to relax with me in private after dinner. Like any good Frenchman, Gaspard is a serious foodie. So we headed off to Le Boudin Blanc for a taste of home. A great escort agency like Elite VIP Models will be able to arrange restaurant bookings for you, and we ended up with the best table in the house. We chatted and flirted throughout dinner, and Gaspard kept running his hand over my thigh in between courses. Things were definitely hotting up!

By about 9pm, we were ready to head back to the hotel. In the taxi, Gaspard started to kiss my neck and tease the hem of my dress. I’d chosen a slinky red number for the occasion, with some saucy black underwear underneath. Gaspard was in for a treat! By the time we reached the hotel, Gaspard said that it was all he could do to restrain himself from throwing a wad of money at the taxi driver and running up the stairs!

Gaspard is a great lover, and it wasn’t long before my lacy underwear was on the hotel room floor. With plenty of time before midnight, we indulged all our desires. By the time the clock was close to chiming midnight, we’d just enjoyed a long soak in the bathtub together, and I’d slipped into a long, semi-sheer nightgown that highlighted my gorgeous figure.

It’s not New Year’s Eve without a bottle of bubbly, so Gaspard called down to room service to have a bottle bought up to us. The balcony had stunning views of the capital, so Gaspard poured our drinks as we took in the view. When the clock struck 12, he pulled me in for a long, deep kiss. After that? Well, it was only midnight, and Gaspard wanted this to be a night to remember. So back to the bedroom we went!