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The Heatwave Hits Mayfair

Erika Mayfair EscortWhen the weather is just too hot, it’s much better to treat yourself to a sensual night in.

You’ve surely noticed by now that the weather in London is getting hotter and hotter. Now, I love heading out and hitting the hottest clubs in the area with my fellow escorts in Mayfair – but sometimes it’s just too warm to party all night! So when a client calls up asking if I want to stay in for the evening, I love to take them up on the offer. The other night, one of my favourite guys invited me to his hotel – and I was more than ready to beat the summer heat!

The client in question was Gabriel, a sexy Brazilian guy who was often in London on business. Now, you’d think that he’d be loving this heatwave, but everyone has to take it easy sometimes! He’d been in meetings all week, and just wanted to relax in his hotel room rather than partying at a hot, crowded club. I’ve visited him at the best Mayfair hotels before, so he knew that he could trust me to arrive discreetly.

Although we were going to be enjoying a night in, that didn’t mean that I was going to make any less of an effort. I still headed to the salon, and I still took as much time picking out a sexy outfit for the date. Now, as I was going to be arriving at Gabriel’s hotel and didn’t want to attract any undue attention, I choose a dress that was elegant and classy. Underneath that though, I went wild. Stockings, suspenders, a matching lace underwear set – I put it all on. Well, what better place to wear it than a five-star hotel suite?

I arrived at Gabriel’s hotel and made my way up to his room. He’d splashed out on a great suite, and when he opened the door he greeted me with so much charm and enthusiasm. He really is the perfect gentleman. We sat down and shared a bottle of ice cold champagne. The hot hustle and bustle of the city seemed like a million miles away.

As you’d expect, we soon made our way from the living area to the bedroom. Gabriel had been working hard all week, so I told him to lie down on the bed and let me treat him to a sensual massage. A massage is one of my favourite ways to get a night with a client started. Not only does it help them to relax, but a few cheeky touches can really get them in the mood for more action. It’s the perfect ice-breaker!

Our massage soon escalated into a passionate session that went on for hours. Now, we wouldn’t have been able to share such a special, intimate evening if we hadn’t stayed in for the evening. So next time you’re thinking about treating yourself to a night in, give us a call! Whatever the occasion, an appointment with an Elite VIP Model in the comfort of your home or hotel will be just as good as any evening out in the city.