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The Perfect Christmas Present

Madeline High Class EscortSometimes you need to treat yourself at Christmas time – and my client Thomas got to enjoy a deliciously naughty evening.

With Christmas fast approaching and lots of things to wrap up at the office, many of my clients are feeling stressed and burnt out. I always encourage them to be kind to themselves as they would their loved ones at this time of year, and splash out on a present to cheer themselves up! What better way to do that could there be then to have a gorgeous girl like me tending to your needs for an evening? That’s exactly what I treated one of my clients to last night.

Thomas is a man that I’ve spent quite a bit of time with over the past few months. A hard-working businessman, he’d turned to escorts after getting bored with the tedious London dating scene. Escorts were perfect for him, allow him to enjoy no-strings fun at times and places that suited him. This time, I could tell that he needed a little bit of a pick me up after too many late nights at the office. An evening with one of the most exclusive high class escorts London has to offer was just what he needed to feel like himself again!

We usually meet at Thomas’ London apartment, but this time he plumped for a five star hotel. Well, if you can’t go all out at Christmas, when can you? I arrived punctually and made my way up to his suite. I’d gone all out for the occasion, donning a set of skimpy lace underwear under my slinky dress. Stockings and suspenders completed my look – although they were hidden for Thomas’ eyes only. I’m always so discreet when arriving at these top London hotels.

I signalled my arrival with three sharp taps on the door, and in no time at all Thomas answered. His face lit up when he saw me, and I could tell how much he needed this. Ushering me into the suite, he shut the door quickly behind me. Now, the fun I had planned for the evening could really begin. Like so many other high-powered businessmen, Thomas likes to forget his worries by surrendering all control in the bedroom. I pointed to the bed and raised my eyebrows. “Strip,” I uttered – and I can’t lie, it was a thrill to unleash my inner dominatrix.

Before long, I had Thomas tied to the bed and begging for my touch. I was teasing him with a slow, sensual, Tantric massage – one of my specialities. Every time my hands drifted close to where he needed them, I would change course, leaving him more and more desperate. Of course, we’d agreed on a safe word first. Right now though, Thomas was having the time of his life. I had him just where I wanted him, and he was loving being under my control.

For clients that request it, I can bring some toys with me to appointments. Thomas had asked me to bring his favourite – the whip. He asked so nicely, so who was I to refuse? Before too long, it made an appearance. Now, I won’t tell you exactly how the night ended, but rest assured that Thomas was feeling a lot better the next morning!