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Three Is The Magic Number in Kensington!

Yasmine Mayfair EscortWhen a treasured client requested a threesome, how was I meant to refuse?

The weather may be getting colder, but it’s certainly been heating up in the bedroom! As one of the most popular escorts in Kensington, I’m called upon by all kinds of men to keep them company for the evening. The majority of my clients just book the one escort, me, for the evening. For some men though, one beautiful woman just isn’t enough. Hugh, one of my favourite clients, had always been interested in a threesome. So when he booked me alongside another gorgeous escort, I was more than ready to have some fun!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that when guys hire two escorts, they often like to pick a pair of girls who look very different from each other. I am a brunette, and my companion for the night was a blonde babe. It was her very first three way appointment, and I could tell that she was so excited. So before we headed over to the client’s place we enjoyed a little time together. As I slowly kissed and caressed her, I couldn’t help but think what an incredible show we would put on for Hugh that night.

We travelled to meet Hugh at one of the most exclusive and discreet hotels in Knightsbridge. Understandably, he didn’t want everyone there to know what we were getting up to that evening, so we arrived without a fuss and headed straight up to his room. Hugh had the champagne on ice already – which was no less than I expected from a gentleman like him. Soon we were laughing and flirting. It felt really natural, and when Hugh suggested we move things to the king size bed I jumped at the chance.

Hugh was more than happy to sit back and watch as my fellow escort and I put on a cheeky little show for him. Just like we’d done together earlier, we kissed and caressed each other. This time though, we removed our clothes. Leaving our dresses on the floor, we toyed with each other’s underwear as our kisses grew more heated. It wasn’t long before Hugh was struggling to contain himself, and before long he was joining in the fun.

Now, it’s not every day you’re lucky enough to spend a night with a man who knows how to totally satisfy you. Hugh is something of a ladies man, and certainly knows how to leave a woman breathless. What I found extraordinary though, was that he handled the demands of two young women with very high sex drives with no problems whatsoever. It seemed as it if was effortless for him. If I didn’t know him so well I’d think that he was lying about having never done this before!

After the fun was over, the three of us laid there trying to catch our breath. Hugh confessed that he’d been worried that a threesome wouldn’t live up to his expectations, but he was delighted to have been proven wrong. Would we be up for repeating the experience next time he was in London? I didn’t even need to look at the blonde beauty next to me to know that she couldn’t wait to do it again either!